Drumroll: Welcome aboard!

best-people-julia-child-wall-decal (2)Hello readers!
So, finally a food blog! Well, honestly I would not have thought in my wildest dreams that I would be venturing into something of this sort! Indeed, a Chef in disguise! 😀
Nevertheless, what really inspired me to jump over the edge here, was an insightful visit to a restaurant at a mall, the consequence of which was an analysis of how much we spend on the delectable delicacies outside home and the feasibility of making those treats within the confines of the home kitchen. And holy fish! I realised that the same items on the menu could very well be created at home with a little sprinkle of will power! End result- you have a series of delicious dishes to your credit with the advantage of being a healthier version and comfortable on the budget! Trust me, the feeling of creating something of your own is priceless!
So, here’s presenting some of my experiments from my kitchen dramarama! It is essentially, a humble and honest attempt to make restaurant-style food at home, inspired by the nuances picked up from various mediums.
All the food dishes published on this blog are made and tasted by me personally. So rest assured, you would have access to genuine home-made recipes of famous cuisines. Do try them out, thank me later! 😀
Hope you enjoy reading and making the items as much as I did! Also, do spread the word!
Until the next post, eat, pray, love! Bon appétit! 😉
Signing off,
The Chef in disguise!
“People who love to eat are always the best people”-Julia Child


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